Debbie Used to Need a Caregiver. Now She Can Focus on Caring for Others.

Debbie Moreira was almost completely non-functional, bed-ridden, and relying on a caregiver due to the challenges of living with a nerve disorder. After trying cannabidiol (CBD) oil, she’s back to living independently and focusing on caring for others in her senior living community.

Debbie, 64, of Corona, Calif. lives with Autonomic Nerve Disorder, which affects “all the things your body does naturally that you don’t even think about,” she said. Debbie experienced constant shaking, weakness, digestive issues, and sharp pains from her head to her toes.

In 2010, Debbie was working as a finance controller when she began experiencing the symptoms that would cost her career. She had a high-pressure job working in an accounting department, but soon realized she couldn’t do it anymore.


One day, Debbie told her employers she wasn’t feeling well and was having trouble breathing. She was sent to urgent care, and later her symptoms became serious enough that she couldn’t return to work. “It ended my career,” she said.

Debbie experienced a near-constant shakiness so severe that it was difficult for her to hold a plate long enough to carry it across a room, or hold it to eat.

She was diagnosed with the nerve disorder in 2014. Since then, Debbie has managed 15-20 prescriptions at a time for her symptoms, from Parkinson’s disease medication to blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

Seeing six doctors

She was seeing a neurologist, gastrologist, cardiologist, internist, rheumatologist, and a primary doctor. At a certain point, her doctors told her she had maxed out on the medications she could take, and that they couldn’t recommend surgery because she could die.

Debbie grew up in the ’60s and ’70s when people had different attitudes about cannabis, so she was afraid to try CBD oil. But with the encouragement of her children, she gave it a shot in October 2016. She tried HempMeds’ Blue Label Liquid Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) ™, which she still uses today.

“A couple of weeks after trying it, my feet didn’t hurt walking around. My shaking got better, and my breathing got better,” she said. She stopped experiencing other symptoms, like ringing in her ears during church.

When she talked to her primary doctor about the positive results she’s seen with CBD oil, he told her she could stop seeing all the specialists. She could stop taking some of her prescriptions, too, which she realized had been hurting her more than helping, she said.

Neuropathy, or weakness and numbness in the hands and feet, which is common among seniors, used to bother her a lot and made it hard to get around. With CBD oil, Debbie said she doesn’t experience neuropathy anymore, and has recommended it to five other seniors with neuropathy.

Encouraging results

When Debbie got well enough that she didn’t need her caregiver to help anymore, the two developed a friendship instead. “I asked her to stop coming [to help] but she’ll come over to relax and watch movies with me. We became good friends. If there’s any way I can encourage someone, I try to do that,” Debbie said. “Now that I can do more, and my spirits are up. I’m the one who goes around and visits everyone in the senior apartment community.”

The CBD oil is something I cannot live without because it makes such a huge difference,” she said.