For Higher Yields, Cannabis Plant Training

You can increase your cannabis plants’ yield by training them. Growers can improve their cannabis plants’ structure by pruning and bending. There are many benefits to training cannabis plants. These are the best:

Cannabis training will result in a higher yield

This will increase your cannabis plants’ yield. Modifying the growth of cannabis plants can increase their density and number.

You can improve light penetration by training your cannabis plants

This will allow for more light to penetrate lower branches. This will enable you to grow stronger and larger buds from the lower branches.

Training cannabis plants can improve airflow

This will reduce the risk of pest infestations and prevent mold growth.

Growers have more control over their plants through plant training

You can control the structure and shape of your plants. This is a great option for indoor growers who want to maximize their space. There are many methods to increase your cannabis yields. These are our top picks.


Two main branches are removed from the top of the main branch to encourage growth of two more. This creates a uniform canopy which encourages more buds.

LST (Low Stress Technique)

When the branches are bent gently to form a more even canopy. This allows more light to reach lower branches and encourages bud growth.


The screens are placed over the plants, and the branches are woven in to it as they grow. This gives you more bud growth and uniform canopy.

Super Cropping

To create a kink, squeeze the stems of your plants gently. This will increase the plant’s ability to produce more buds.

Training cannabis plants is the best way increase their yield. To increase your cannabis plants’ yield and health, you can modify their growth patterns. If you are looking to grow cannabis at the highest level, plant training is an excellent option.