Higuera Family Celebrates Milestone with Daughter Sadie’s Momentous First Day of School.

CannaEffect first revealed Sadie’s story last July in the documentary short Sadie Higuera: A Little Girl with a Second Chance. In little less than a year, the monumental change in Sadie’s condition has allowed her to live a life previously thought impossible.

Sadie has been overcoming the most optimistic expectations for years now, redefining traditional treatments and shattering her doctors’ predictions. She hit another landmark achievement today when she attended her first day at school, just days after her 3rd birthday.

Sadie was dressed in her specially customized “Off to School” shirt made by her sister and her fancy new shoes. Like with any child’s first day of school, her whole family gathered to see Sadie off, recording every moment with picture after picture.

The first day of school is a milestone that every child should experience, but little Sadie almost didn’t get the opportunity. Born with Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes neurological and developmental issues, organ and bone abnormalities, and severe seizures, Sadie was given very little hope and just months to live.

The treatments available were as bad as the disease. Each day, Sadie was weighed down with harsh trial medications, some of which were so powerful that she had to be resuscitated after their use. Others left her so swollen that she couldn’t open her eyes. The worst days would see Sadie having 300 seizures. Her doctors considered her disease to be terminal, so when nothing seemed to work, Sadie’s parents were given the option of the “hero pill”, which would mercifully end Sadie’s life. It was a choice her family refused to take.

Desperate for an alternative, Sadie’s family was introduced to Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) and Cibdex™, two of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s CBD hemp oil products. The effect was immediate. Within minutes, Brian, Sadie’s father, could see a change. When her mother, Damaris, saw Sadie, she exclaimed, “I have my baby back!”


Sadie’s seizures dropped from over 1000 per week to just 2-5, and the tumors that had been wracking her body have disappeared with regular use of CBD hemp oil products. She is more responsive with her family and aware of her surroundings, especially since she’s gone off the most debilitating of her medications.

In discussing Sadie’s opportunity to go to school and receive physical therapy and occupational therapy, Brian remarked, “All of these things just opened up for her when she started the RSHO™.” There is no question in this father’s mind that CBD saved his daughter.

Sadie’s treatment with CBD was highlighted in Sadie Higuera, a Little Girl with a Second Chance.

Because of this new lease on life, Sadie is given the opportunity to attend school, a common experience for so many children that Sadie too can enjoy thanks to CBD. Brian discussed Sadie’s successes, saying, “These hurdles are big for us and going to school is a huge one. It’s all strictly because of the CBD.”

Sadie’s homeschool teacher, who had been coming to work with her for an hour each week, suggested that Sadie be tested for acceptance into a nearby school, showing just how far she has come since her diagnosis thanks to RSHO™ and Cibdex™.

Brian smiled as he recounted that Sadie, “knew today was special, and I’m sure she’s sitting over there in her classroom… and knows she’s somewhere different and doing something pretty cool.”

Sadie is attending a special needs preschool attached to the Ramona Elementary School near San Diego. Before starting her first day, Sadie worked with half a dozen different teachers at the school and got to try the school’s facilities, including learning stations like a sandbox for sensory activities.

Sadie will be at Ramona Elementary 4 days a week for 3 hours each day and will also receive plenty of dedicated attention from the school’s staff. She will have physical and an occupational therapists, as well as a teacher and a counselor. At the school, Sadie will have a mix of therapy and educational programs designed to challenge her cognitive and physical abilities, and her classes will be mostly developmental, like a communications class and a sensory class.

In discussing Sadie’s achievement, her choked up father said, “Tears of joy is what it is. Proud of her. Just unbelievably proud.”

For a family who were once told the best option for their daughter would be to compassionately and humanely allow her to die, Sadie’s phenomenal improvement and ability to attend school is an astonishing testament to their strength. The Higueras’ refusal to accept their daughter’s terminal diagnosis and openness to CBD as an alternative treatment have given Sadie a life that traditional medications simply could not, including a first day of school.