How To Properly Dose Different Cannabis Strains

Cannabis is an extremely powerful plant. It can have a variety effects on your body and mind depending on which strain you use and what dosage you are using. While it can be challenging to find the right dose of marijuana, many people use it safely and effectively. We will discuss how to properly dosage different cannabis strains.

Start with a low level of dosage:

This is important for anyone who uses cannabis, new or old. This will avoid any side effects and overconsumption. This can also be used to help determine your tolerance levels for a particular strain.

Know your strain:

Different strains may have completely different effects on the brain and body. Some strains have a stronger sedative and energizing effect, while others can be more relaxing. It is important to know the effects of the strain that you use and adjust your dosage accordingly.

Consider how you consume cannabis:

The way you consume it can have an effect on how much you get. You can get immediate effects from smoking or vaping cannabis, but edibles will take longer to kick into effect and may last longer. These factors should be considered when you take your first dose.

Keep an eye on the effects:

Take note of how you feel after having smoked cannabis. If you are feeling the desired effects, you may continue to take the same dose. If you are not getting the desired effects, increase your dose. Don’t overdose as this can cause unwanted side effect.

You should consider your goals:

When you’re using cannabis to treat a medical condition, consult your physician and ensure that you follow their advice. You can experiment with different doses if you use cannabis for recreational purposes.

Use a doser:

You can ensure that your dosage is accurate by using a dosing system such as a vape or edibles pre-measured. This is especially important when you’re trying to dose edibles accurately.

Proper cannabis dosing is essential to reap the many benefits it offers. It is possible to get the right amount of cannabis for you by knowing your strain and how it is consumed, as well as observing its effects and goals. It is essential to responsibly use cannabis and follow all applicable laws.