North Dakota Grandpa Says CBD Hemp Oil Helps Alleviate Symptoms of COPD

Walter Rodlund, 81, has lived an outdoorsman’s lifestyle in his hometown of Fargo, ND. Neighborhood kids know they can usually find ‘Grandpa’ working in his yard, gardening and weeding. After lung disease put a stop to that, Real Scientific Hemp Oil has helped Walter breathe fresh air again.

In February 2015, Walter spent four days in the emergency room at Mayo Clinic. He was diagnosed with end-stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

“They said there was nothing they could do for me anymore,” Walter said. After that, it was hard for him to get out and about. “It stopped all of my outdoor activities – fishing, hunting, and everything,” he said.

Walter would experience intense pain as his lungs locked up so he couldn’t breathe in or out. He had blood clots in the bottom half of his lungs. “It pretty well tied me down,” he said.

Self-described as a man who usually does what he wants, the worst part of having health restrictions was having to abide by others’ rules instead of his own, Walter said. “They’d holler at me for doing things I like to do and overstepping my bounds,” he said.


After his hospitalization in 2015, Walter’s daughter Vickie introduced him to CBD hemp oil. “In three weeks I could get around easier and had more breathing capacity,” he said.

“My doctor of 26 years said my lungs sound better than they ever did.” Walter’s lung capacity was at 92 percent oxygen before, and now, it is back up to 98 to 100 percent.

Walter said CBD oil has allowed him to regain his active lifestyle– “The last couple days I was in my yard weeding and cleaning,”. Due to lung disease, Walter would have bronchitis two to three times a year. He hasn’t had bronchitis since 2015 when he started taking RSHO. He’s also gone down from 19 prescription medications daily to only three medications.

Walter lives in a close-knit community where neighbors will mow each others’ lawns. Some of them brought him dinners when he was sick. His neighbors’ kids and grandkids know they can stop by anytime for a game of catch.

The first time the neighborhood kids saw him back out in his yard, “They all came running and gave me hugs,” he said.

“These kids are part of the family,” Walter said. “I hope they understand that in this life you do what you have to do and some of what you want to do. Be as good as possible so there’s no trouble in the neighborhood.”

“It’s been two years now, and I’ve gone from more or less invalid, to going where I want to go and doing what I want to do. I credit CBD oil for that,” Walter said. “I can finally get out in the yard in the sunshine and see the country.”